Support your local artists and their rights!!  #Repost @jeffsotoart & @maxxer242 ・・・A mural that @maxxer242 and I created was used by @mercedesbenz in their advertising without our permission or knowledge. We attempted to discuss the matter with them, but instead, they sued us claiming they did not violate any copyright laws and are asking the court to rule that we have no rights against them. In fact, they filed these lawsuits secretly while we were still talking with them and waiting to hear back from them. The Detroit News had been given copies of the lawsuits before Mercedes even gave copies to us. This is very similar to the H&M case with @_revok_ . If Mercedes Benz were to win this case it would set a very, very dangerous precedent for companies to use artist’s work without permission, wherever and however they like. This is much bigger than Maxx and I and will impact ALL artists!! 👁👁 Please share… #artistsrights #mercedesbenz