#Repost @midnight.regulations・・・I had been looking for one of these @munk_one #Alexisonfire 2012 farewell tour posters for a couple years now. They are super hard to find in either print variant and we're only available for a very short time. Never mind finding this one signed by the entire band (George, Dallas, Wade, Chris and Jordan from that tour's meet and greet) that came up on eBay recently which I am glad to say is now on it's way to me. No, it wasn't cheap, but it solidifies a solid part of my late teens and 20s growning up with these guys and absolutely loving their music. Still remember seeing Counterparts on Much when it came out and it was something so different. Something I will treasure forever and display in my home. :) And go check out the artist's Instagram. His poster designs are amazing. @aof_official #concertposter #theonlybandever #munkone