MUNK ONE is a contemporary American Illustrator, Poster Artist, Political Cartoonist, and Fine Artist from California. He is well known for creating Artwork for major label musical acts and world renowned brands, recognized for their creativity. His fine art has gained much attention through many galleries both at home and abroad. He was previously the official Juxtapoz Art Magazine editorial Illustrator. He is also owner and Creative Director of the Invisible Industries Brand.

His artistic style may seem serious and even dark at first glance, filled with undertones of  mortality, religion, or politics but his work can also be full of movement with bright, and fun colors and ideas with a sense of humor. These elements seem to coexist and mix throughout much of his work both commercially and personally. Proficient in both traditional and computer media, he is comfortable using whatever methods his projects may call for.

Working within the apparel and merchandise industries since the mid 90s, much of his knowledge and technical expertise has been gained from hands on experience. In 2006 he decided to focus on creating his own style of art while using his website as the vehicle to share this creativity with the world. During the 2008 election He created a striking portrait of the then Presidential candidate Barack Obama that was to be used for prints, stickers, t-shirts and also ran at bus stops all over the state of Pennsylvania. In 2009 Munk One was featured in Juxtapoz Art Magazine issue #96. That year he also began to work on limited edition screen printed posters and has since worked on prints for Pearl Jam, Blink 182, 311, Soundgarden, City and Colour and More.

In 2011 Munk One launched the Invisible Industries brand as a online store and branding concept as a sandbox for a constant flux of creativity, experimentation and freedom of expression. Artwork on the site has either been created by, or personally curated by Munk One. The online store has released many limited edition items such as prints, toys and recently a watch Collaboration with Blink-182 and Vannen. The brand has helped release prints by international artist Chin Tangerine in support of Ai WeiWei and also raised money to help critically endangered species through sales.

During Pearl Jams historic 20 year anniversary concert He and artist Maxx242 were invited to paint a giant mural on 2 side by side billboards.

In 2013 he created the art for Snoop Dogg’s critically acclaimed Snoopify app.

Previous Clients: (Brands)
Warner Bros. Records, Upper Playground, Tribal Gear, DCMA, True love & False Idols, Juxtapoz Art Magazine, Affliction, The Hundreds.

Previous Clients: (Music)
Avenged Sevenfold, Alexisonfire, 311, Skrillex, Snoop Dogg, Travis Barker, Korn, Smashing Pumpkins, Slipknot, The Used, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of the stone Age, Bruno Mars, Queensryche, City and Colour, Pearl Jam, Puddle of Mudd, Bad Religion, Mastodon, No Doubt, Disturbed, P.O.D., The Offspring, Head Automatica, Sevendust, Limp Bizkit, Strong Arm Steady, Coheed and Cambria, Blink- 182, Escape The Fate, HIM, My Chemical Romance, Henry Rollins, Pixies.


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August 17 2007 From the L.A. Weekly.“B-Side Players’ new CD, Fire in the Youth (Concord), would be worth getting if only for Munk One’s fabulously surreal cover art.”
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2011 Quentin vs Coen: Group Show NYC
2011 Everything but the Kitschen Sync: La Luz De Jesus Annual Group Show Hollywood CA
2011 SAS x Munk One HVW8 Gallery Los Angeles CA
2011 The Road to Shermer: A tribute to John Hughes Gallery 1988, Venice, CA

2010 Blood Sweat and Art: Los Angeles CA
2010 10Club Rock &Art Poster Convention Seattle WA
2010 Sea No Evil: Group Show Riverside CA
2010 Manifest Equality: Group Show Los Angeles CA
2010 Inglourious Basterds Benefit -Lost Art of the Film: Poster Show L.A. CA
2010 G40 the Summit: Group Show Arlington VA
2010 Bic Buddy Customs Show LA and NYC
2010 Blackbook Sessions 8 Ontario CA
2010 Bad Dads San Francisco CA
2010 Manifest Equality Group show: Los Angeles CA
2010 Inglouriuous Basterds Lost Art Benefit for Haiti group show: CA
2009 Juxtapoz Anniversary Auction: Los Angeles CA group show
2009 Portland Oregon “Dream Beautiful And Unusual” Solo Show
2009 Sea No Evil Art Show
2009 Heavy Hitters: Maryland
2009 Tampa FL, Czar’s Imperial Theatre, Back in Black2 group show
2009 Congregation Gallery, Hollywood, CA. group show
2009 Gnoman Gallery, The Art of Sketch Theatre
2009 Manifest Hope DC Gallery group show
2008 Back in Black Group Exhibition
2008 FIFTY24SA Gallery, Seattle, Group Show
2008 FIFTY24LA Gallery, New Works by Patrick Martinez and Munk One
2008 SUBTEXT, Beasts of Burdon, Vinyl Toy Group Show
2008 Heavy Hitters, Manila Group Show
2008 ISM Gallery, Grand Opening Group Show
2008 Minna Gallery, 20×20 January Group show
2008 Space Gallery SF, My Vice Group Show
2007 Versus Gallery, Revenge of the Empire group art show
2007 Foundation One Gallery GA, The Grind group art show
2007 Las Vegas NV, GM/Jada Toys Kulture Klash Custom art show
2007 Crewest Gallery, Top Of the Dome 4 group show
2007 Minna Gallery S.F., Fighting for dreams group show
2007 Agesong Gallery S.F., Heavy Hitters group show
2007 Los Angeles Crash Mansion, Panthaland group show
2007 Thinkspace Gallery, ISM Untitled Love Project
2007 OCCCA GALLERY, ISM Untitled Love Project
2007 MF Gallery NYC, Zombies Attack
2007 URB Gallery, Represent,Represent! Tempt One Art Benefit
2007 Crewest Gallery, Canceptual Art show V.2
2007 Lost Souls Cafe, Make Believe group art show
2007 Las Vegas NV, Hit The Deck skateboard show
2006 Crewest Gallery, Top of the dome 2 group show
2006 ISM White Elephant Show
2006 Orange County County Museum of Art, Little Squares Project
2006 Las Vegas Arts Factory, Malicious Vinyl Group Show
2006 Crux Gallery, The Red Show
2005 Fulcrum Records Gallery, Vinyl Show
2005 Crux Gallery, Door Show
2005 Crux Gallery, Group Show
2004 Self Help Graphics, Day of the Dead Celebration Group Show
2004 Coba, Mini Board Group Show
2003 Artistic Insomniacs, Group Show

DEDICATION: This site is dedicated my parents and my number one fans, Celestino and Nidia Mercado. Thank you for your lasting support, confidence and interest in my Artwork over the years. It has not gone unnoticed.

Pastel painting by my Father circa 1975.

To my Family, Friends, Clients and anyone who has ever taken a chance on me. Thank you for helping me become who I am today.